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Types of Conservatorships



There are several different types of conservatorships authorized under California law. A conservatorship is set up for adults who cannot handle their finances or care for themselves. The conservatees are often older people with limitations caused by aging, but they may also be for younger people who have serious impairments due to auto accidents or other circumstances.

A limited conservatorship may be set up for an adult with a developmental disability who cannot fully care for himself or his property, although not to the extent that a general conservatorship is needed. Developmental disabilities begin before age 18 and include mental retardation, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and autism.

A temporary conservatorship may be set up when a person needs immediate help. A judge may appoint a temporary conservator of the person or the estate or both for a specific period of time until a permanent conservator may be appointed. A temporary conservator of the person arranges for temporary care, protection and support of the conservatee. A temporary conservator of the estate protects the conservator's property from loss or damage.

A Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) conservatorship may be set up to arrange for placement and mental health treatment for a person who can not provide for their food, clothing or shelter as a result of a mental disorder. An LPS conservatorship is used only when the person needs mental health treatment but cannot or will not accept it voluntarily.

A conservator of the person arranges for the conservatee's care and protection, decides where the conservatee will live and makes arrangements for the conservatee's meals, clothing, health care, personal care, housekeeping, transportation and recreation.

A conservator of the estate manages the conservatee's finances, locates and takes control of the conservatee's assets, collects income due to the conservatee, makes budgets to show what the conservatee can afford, pays the conservatee's bills, invests the conservatee's money and protects the conservatee's assets.

Our office represents a number of professional conservators as well as individuals who are serving as conservators for family members.

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